Keith's Tree Service is now offering Seasoned and ready to burn.

Wood Seasoning takes place when the moisture content in wood reaches equilibrium with the moisture in the surrounding air.

Wood is split and stacked outdoors with good air circulation in a spot that's dry, sunny and open for nine to twelve months so it will be dry enough to support efficient combustion. Seasoned wood has a higher heating value than green wood. In general, because of its moisture content, a cord of green wood will weigh 70 to 100 percent more than seasoned wood.

The time of year and the size of the wood pieces influences the amount of time that wood takes to season. You can help the process by properly stacking and storing your pile of firewood. The best way is to store it outside, under cover and close to the house for easy access. It should be stacked on a supporting base -- such as cement blocks, pallets or wooden planks. This prevents the wood from drawing moisture from the ground, allows air to circulate around it, reduces insect infestation and cuts down on the amount of dirt in accumulates. End braces or stakes can be used to keep the woodpile from collapsing; they can be built to measure accurately a standard cord.

The firewood we offer is local and come from our tree removal service. Our customers have the option to keep the trees we cut or have haul them away. We cut, split and let it season in the most favorable conditions. We offer both seasoned and unseasoned firewood. Please call Keith at 781-224-9995 for details. 

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